Peace candle rally against religious extremism and intolerance

mirpur24A Peace candle (Mashal) rally against religious extremism & intolerance organized by Socialist Movement Pakistan SINDH (CWI in Pakistan) on 12 December 2015. The demonstration started from the worker’s Office Raheem nagar, marched at D.I.G Road, Shemla chowk, & reached at Press Club Mirpurkhas. The protest was led by Hameed Channa, Sughran Khaskhely, Iqbal Narejo, Malik Nizamddin, Jamela, Sarmad Channa, G Qadir Marri, Lela Langhani, M Ramzan, Afzal Arain, & Gulam Muhamma Laghari. In front of the Press Club Sunder Channa, Samntha & Lareb sang revolutionary songs.

Mirpur Khas (Sindh Province) protest against religious extremism and violence