Today! Global day of action against HSBC – solidarity with victimised workers in Hong Kong

Shame on HSBC union-busters!

Nathan Leung Lai Pong, a member of Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) was employed as an outsourced worker for HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world. He was sacked following his participation in a general strike on 3 September, and his calls to organise a genuine and democratic trade union in the banking and finance sector. 

The CWI has initiated a large worldwide solidarity campaign, demanding that HSBC withdraw this scandalous sacking, which is part of a broader, corporate-backed “white terror”: a wave of attacks and victimisation against workers’ and trade union rights currently taking place in Hong Kong. This mirrors the state repression against the mass pro-democracy movement that has engulfed the city for months. 

Big corporations are taking advantage of the crackdown against the protest movement imposed by the local government and the Chinese dictatorial regime, to try and undermine workers in the workplaces. They fear the inspiring effects of the mass struggle on workers’ desire to fight back, radicalising the trade union movement in Hong Kong and challenge the rule of capital over the city’s economy. 

Nathan’s case is symptomatic of the policies of big business in Hong Kong, and must be met with the widest solidarity from workers, activists, trade union and human rights campaigners internationally. As Nathan put it, “With the Chinese dictatorship directly controlling Hong Kong now, freedom of speech and trade union rights of not only HSBC workers but all Hong Kong workers will be further threatened. We must organize and resist together against the combined repression of the Chinese state and big business.”

Along with the ‘Stop Repression in Hong Kong’ campaign, the CWI is organising protests and pickets at HSBC offices and other actions across the world today, October 2, in New York, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Manchester, Berlin, Brussels, Ghent, Vienna, Athens, Thessaloniki, Sana’a, Kraków, Dublin, Stockholm, Taipei, and more…to express our solidarity with Nathan and all dismissed and victimised workers in Hong Kong, to expose HSBC’ union-busting practices and collaboration with the brutal Chinese regime, and to show our support for the inspiring struggle of workers and young people fighting for democratic rights and for a better future in Hong Kong and in China’s mainland.

An injury to one is an injury to all! Show your solidarity and join the protest in your area!