Third «Αrt against Fascism» festivals in Athens and Thessaloniki

For the third year in a row, the youth festivals organised in Athens and Thessaloniki, under the title «Art against Fascism» were very successful, with hundreds of people, mainly youth but also older, taking part. The festivals, organized by Antinazi Zone – an initiative taken by Xekinima– is already an important antifascist annual event! Both events are organised on the same date – this year Saturday, November 2.

More than 600 participated in Athens, and around 350 in Thessaloniki. There were many volunteers, who did much to help set up the festival. The events combined antifascist short films, antifascist photos, comic and drawing exhibitions, a public meeting and of course music.

In Athens, the venue «Embros» was already quite full by 6.30 pm, time when the public meeting about the trial of the neofascist «Golden Dawn» began. At least 75 people took part in a very lively and very substantial discussion. The antifascist comic exhibition «Χ them out» with 50 comic strips by professional artists, each depicting a fascist attack, was very popular. 

Young people also participated in the exhibition with their own photos and sketches and drawings. As the evening went on, the number of youth attending the festival grew. The concerts started around 8.30 pm. The youth rock and hip hop bands, the antifascist lyrics, as well as the rest of the cultural events, created a free, creative atmosphere for everyone!

The ΤΑΚΙΜ venue in Thessaloniki was full of people from 5.00 pm onwards until late at night. The walls were decorated with antifascist photos and paintings, while youth bands with antifascist songs kept the atmosphere lively until well after midnight. The big antifascist banner at the entrance was made by young volunteers who contacted «Antinazi zone» in order to help with the preparation of the festival. During the evening, a teacher who participated in the festival, drew sketches of those who came to the events.  

In both cities, the festival t-shirts (this year with Woody Guthrie’s slogan «this machine kills fascists») were sold out! More than 200 badges/buttons were also sold at the two events. The costs of organizing the festivals were close to 2,000 euros, but these were covered and what was left over will finance further events. Over 40 youth left their contact details for further discussions.

The next few weeks will continue to be full of activities for the youth wing of Xekinima. The November 17th is the anniversary of the student uprising against the military Junta in 1973. Before that, public meetings are planned on the events in Chile. On the 25th  November, there are mobilisations against gender violence with a public meeting in Athens. And on the 29th November, of course, Xekinima will intervene in the youth mobilisations against climate change, which, though smaller than in other countries are growing.