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ISIS terrorists attack Sufi shrine

The struggle of Baluchi people Kristofer Lundberg, Socialist Justice Party (CWI Sweden) A horrific terror attack was carried out in Baluchistan on Saturday, 12 November, at a crowded Sufi shrine. A bomb killed 52 people, including many women and children ...

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Women health workers protest in Sindh

Lady Health Workers organisation protests at non-payment of wages Sughran Khaskheli A protest was held by the Lady Health Workers organisation (LHW) in Mirpur Khas in the Sindh province, Pakistan demanding the payment of their wages. Outrageously, the treasury is ...

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International Women’s Day in Mirpurkhas

On International Women’s Day 2016 Socialist Movement Pakistan S.M.P held a women’s rally at the office of SMP, Rahim Nagar Mirpurkhas, Sindh. This was followed  by a demonstration through Lunda Bazar, civil Hospital Road, to Post Office chowk, Baldiadia Chowk and  Hyderabad ...

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Health workers on the move

Fighting against the privatisation of public sector hospitals Rukhsana Manzoor SMP Lahore Hundreds of health workers organised a demonstration at Sir Ganga Ram hospital Lahore and later rallied on a nearby main road to protest against the planned privatisation of ...

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Solidarity with locked-out Nestle workers

International action needed The Nestle management has forcibly locked out the 800 low paid contract workers from the Kabirwala factory since September 2015. Management instructed the gate security to stop the workers entering the factory – none of the workers ...

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