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ISIS terrorists attack Sufi shrine

The struggle of Baluchi people Kristofer Lundberg, Socialist Justice Party (CWI Sweden) A horrific terror attack was carried out in Baluchistan on Saturday, 12 November, at a crowded Sufi shrine. A bomb killed 52 people, including many women and children ...

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The Permanent Revolution today

We publish a new introduction by Peter Taaffe to Leon Trotsky’s ‘Permanent Revolution’, which the Socialist Movement Pakistan (CWI) are to translate into Urdu and publish.

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Baluchistan at tipping point

Among the maladies that inflict Pakistan at this time, the crisis in Baluchistan is, arguably, the most critical. Some analysts might contend that the problems of religious extremism and militancy in the tribal areas and NWFP (North Western Frontier Province) ...

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Deepening crisis in Baluchistan province

The situation in Pakistani province of Baluchistan has become so explosive and volatile that the Pakistani army is finding it difficult to control. The present wave of violence in Sui and other areas of Baluchistan started after the rape of ...

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Baluchistan province conflict flares up

A recent armed clash between armed nationalist activists and the Pakistani security forces in the city of Sui once again proves that the situation in Baluchistan is far more fragile and volatile than the Pakistani media implies.

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