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Military regime in crisis, political turmoil continues

The political situation in Pakistan is moving towards sharp confrontation. The last three weeks have demonstrated that the opposition has gained confidence to challenge the government in the streets. Though the anti-government movement has not yet reached the critical mass ...

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Political crises and General Musharraf’s ‘democracy’

The leading Pakistani journalist and political commentator, Ayaz Amir, writing in ‘Dawn’ (3 January 2005), explains the present political situation in Pakistan with these words: “The situation is very dangerous, [the] military has lost respect and credibility, politicians have lost ...

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Wealth polarisation leads to social tension

Having last visited Pakistan five years ago, the social, economic and political changes in the country were thrown into sharp relief. The changes, although not immediately apparent, are stark. These developments, I believe, make possibilities for the growth of socialist ...

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