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Brutal state force unleashed on peaceful protesters

In the worst ever crackdown against lawyers, political workers, trade union activists and social workers, the Musharraf regime in Pakistan has arrested thousands of people so far. This crackdown is still going on as thousands of political activists are forced ...

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New twists and turns in Pakistani politics

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world where political predictions are very difficult to make, because the political situation changes every few months. The political and social crisis is so deep that it is impossible for any ...

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Military regime in crisis, political turmoil continues

The political situation in Pakistan is moving towards sharp confrontation. The last three weeks have demonstrated that the opposition has gained confidence to challenge the government in the streets. Though the anti-government movement has not yet reached the critical mass ...

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Musharraf rule shaky as poverty rockets

Travelling from Malaysia to Karachi in Pakistan is to go from the ‘Second World’ to the ‘Fourth World’. Malaysia is certainly no showcase for Asian capitalism, as the apologists for the Kuala Lumpur regime argue. Indeed, it is no paradise ...

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